11. IELTS Reading strategies and techniques – Labeling a diagram

This type of question often used with, texts describing processes, or with descriptive texts.

Labeling a diagram types:

  • There are some words around each gap.
  • There are no words or just 1 or 2 word around each gap.

What will you do?

  • The Summary is going to be about one part of the passage.
  • You have to Labeling a Diagram with a word or words from the passage.
  • You’re given a word limit, and you have to pay attention to this word.

How to Label a Diagram?

To successfully label a diagram, you need to follow these steps:

  • Read the Title of the passage.
  • Read the Instructions.
  • Highlight word limit in the instruction.
  • Reading the Diagram.
  • Highlight keywords of the Diagram.
  • Locate the Diagram in Passage.
  • Comparing.
  • Labeling a Diagram.
  • Check the answers.

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