4. Part1- TYPES OF

Now let’s talk about a structure we can use to answer ‘Types of’ Type questions.

The beginning phrase

  • Well actually…
  • Of course, it goes without saying…
  • Of course, certainly…

Following it with a liking phrase

  • There’s quite a mixed variety of…
  • There’s quite a wide range of…
  • There’s quite a diverse mixture of..

Give your first type

  • However, I suppose the most adjective. ould possibly be.
  • Though I think the most adjective. would potentially be.

The first explanation

  • The thing with . is that.
  • I assume . are so + adjective. because.
  • The point I want to add about . is that…

The second type

  • Another form worth mentioning could be.
  • A second variety of (first type) would be something like.

The second type and conclusion

  • And the main characteristic of (first type) is that.
  • And the unique aspect of (first type) is that.


  • Likewise, as might be expected, there are things like.
  • And naturally, there are things like.


What other ‘Types of’ questions? They could be:

  • What kinds of restaurants are popular in your country?
  • What types of things do people collect in your country?
  • What hobbies are common in your country?
  • vWhat types of TV programs are popular in your country?
  • What types of shops can be found in your local area?

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