Cambridge English Ielts Academic collection – with answers


Cambridge English Ielts collection is practice material for the International English Language Testing system (IELTS). It provides students with an excellent opportunity to familiarise themselves with IELTS and to practise examination techniques using authentic test material.

Dear friends,

Before download file, please follow the below instructions by clicking in the blue line to get the password for these files. Thank you and have a great time!!!



You can download full Cambridge English Ielts  collection with answer (including PDF file and CD), here:

  1. Cambridge English Ielts 01:  download
  2. Cambridge English Ielts 02:  download
  3. Cambridge English Ielts 03:  download
  4. Cambridge English Ielts 04:  download
  5. Cambridge English Ielts 05:  download
  6. Cambridge English Ielts 06:  download
  7. Cambridge English Ielts 07:  download
  8. Cambridge English Ielts 08:  download
  9. Cambridge English Ielts 09:  download
  10.  Cambridge English Ielts 10:  download
  11.  Cambridge English Ielts 11:  download
  12.  Cambridge English Ielts 12:  download
  13.  Cambridge English Ielts 13:  download 




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6 Replies to “Cambridge English Ielts Academic collection – with answers

  1. Dear sir / madam,

    I am studying in ( General) IELTS from home and I don’t have any IELTS material for preparation by myself. please give me pdf file or answer which I can do practice and achieve high score from your recommendations. I need listening with (questions & answers ) and reading pdf ( questions & answers )

  2. Hey Jenny

    I am utterly grateful to you for providing us with your expert advice. I have recently started to prepare for the IELTS test and was on a lookout for the books which would reinforce my lexical resource and writing stances. Please upload the appropriate books to your knowledge.

  3. hi ,
    let me thank you for the ielts materials cambridge tests… I was searching these tests in almost all the links and websites,… eventually and luckily found out all the test papers in your website, Thanks once again dude.
    Your effort is appreciated and helping nature is welldone, thanks for helping tones of ielts students who are appearing for thier tests.

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