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Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests by Mark Griffiths offers a fresh and innovative approach to learning with a variety of question types. The book does not follow the usual format of the Cam 1-15 series, which consists of question sets and answer keys.

This book is especially suitable for students at a level of 6.0 or higher who want to find a set of materials to practice in order to improve their band score. A small note is that this book is only for students who are preparing for the Academic format. Students taking the General Training format should look for other sources of materials.

The main content of the book includes 12 Academic IELTS tests with full answer keys and transcripts. The number of test papers in this book is quite large, equivalent to three Cam books combined.

However, the Listening section in the book is designed in a slightly different format from the legendary Cam series, with no break between sections. But the book’s layout is still clear and easy to understand.

In addition, the sample speaking section is also very useful. The book provides this section for all three parts, with each topic. After studying this section, you will have an idea of how to deliver a speech and how to structure your answers to achieve a high score.

Apart from the sample speaking section, the book also has a writing sample section for both Task 1 and Task 2 for students to refer to when building ideas, developing their writing, and organizing their thoughts logically, coherently, and persuasively.

One more thing, the Answer section at the end of the book does not explain the Reading answers, so students have to research and figure out why the answers are correct on their own.

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