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For over 15 years, we have provided IELTS training and preparation resources, and now we have the perfect deal to help you achieve IELTS success – over 800 pages with 7 practice tests and downloadable audio files!

Membership includes:

  • The complete IELTS course (General Training and Academic Module)
  • The IELTS vocabulary course
  • The 6-level general English course
  • The 7 downloadable eBooks


IELTS writing eBook

Book 1: Writing

The writing book covers Task 1 and Task 2, from planning your essay and writing a good introduction to organising your paragraphs and presenting your ideas. As well as the lessons and exercises, there are over 80 Band 9 model answers, as well as sample answers ranging from Band 5.0 to Band 8.0.

IELTS listening eBook

Book 2: Listening

The listening book covers all of the question types used in the IELTS test from short answer questions and summary completion to multiple choice and matching. Get to know all of the tips and tricks for improving your result, as well as common errors like losing focus on the listening, different accents and much more.

IELTS reading eBook

Book 3: Reading

The reading book will show you how to improve your result with details on speed reading, skimming and scanning, recognising qualifying words and more. Avoid common IELTS pitfalls like running out of time, and learn essential skills like what to with unknown vocabulary and how to identify the main idea in a sentence. Lessons on answering every type of question in the IELTS reading test, from Headings questions and True/False/Not Given to classifying and locating information.

IELTS speaking eBook

Book 4: Speaking

The speaking book will help you improve your result in all three sections of the speaking test, from speaking informally in Part 1 to presenting yourself more academically in Part 3. Study our tips and hints on how to improve your fluency and vocabulary, as well as reading model answer for a range of Part 2 topic cards.

IELTS vocabulary eBook

Book 5: Vocabulary

Knowing how to improve your vocabulary for IELTS can be difficult, but not with our Ultimate IELTS Vocabulary book! Broken into IELTS topics such as health, the environment, transport and travel, you will learn new vocabulary in an IELTS context. See new words in context as they are used in IELTS style sentences, and take the exercises to help you.

IELTS eBook for Grammar

Book 6: Grammar

No matter how well you may be able to communicate, without good grammar you can’t expect a good result. This essential grammar guide will help you master English tenses, as well as more advanced forms of grammar like relative clauses, participle clauses, the subjunctive and more. Full explanations and practice exercises included.

IELTS practice test eBook

Book 7: Practice tests (7 complete sets)

Test your skills with 7 complete practice tests (7 complete reading tests, 7 complete writing tests, 7 complete speaking tests and 7 complete listening tests). Full answer key and model answers are given, as well as a band score converter so you can see your approximate IELTS score.

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