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Cambridge IELTS 7 is a highly sought-after and highly rated book by many people preparing for the IELTS exam. This book is part of the Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS series, which is compiled by the University of Cambridge itself, so it closely follows the structure of the actual test.

How to effectively use Cambridge IELTS 7 book

1. Reading section in Cambridge IELTS 7

Set a time limit of 60 minutes and take a test to see how many questions you can answer correctly and how many points you can score.

Spend 20 minutes to complete one Reading passage of Cambridge IELTS 7.

When taking the test, you are not limited by time.

Use a dictionary to help you during the test and see if you can improve your score.

Focus on the question types that you are weak at and cannot answer.

Finally, make a vocabulary list and note down the key words in the passage.

cambridge ielts 7 ebook

2. Listening section in Cambridge IELTS 7

Listen to the entire audio and take notes on what you hear in the Listening section.

Next, listen to Part 2 with the transcript to check your accuracy.

Finally, listen to each sentence and take note of spelling.

Listen repeatedly, focusing on different aspects each time, to ensure that you improve significantly.

Cambridge IELTS 7 How to effectively use Cambridge IELTS 7 book

3. Speaking section in Cambridge IELTS 7

To practice Speaking section in Cambridge IELTS 7 effectively, practice speaking in front of a mirror, record yourself, and have someone listen and evaluate your speech.

You need to have a clear goal in order to achieve the highest effectiveness.

List various questions and practice with them every day.

Find a friend to practice speaking English with every day.

4. Writing section in Cambridge IELTS 7

If you are not good at writing, in the first attempt, try to write short sentences to express the topic in the easiest way possible.

You can expand on the explanations and provide evidence for the essay.

In the second attempt, try to expand the initial sentence and focus on the grammar parts of the essay.

Apply the structures you have learned to your writing.”

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