2. Part2- PLACE


PLACE topic cards can be.

An important building

A historical building/place

A famous building

A peaceful place

A city/ town/ village you have visited

A place in your city you know well

A walk that you regularly take

A garden/ park

A river, lake or sea you have visited

Your idea of an ideal house

A library

A museum you have visited

Your childhood home





In this topic, you may get the question.

Example 1:   “Describe a beautiful place in nature that you have visited”

You should say:

Where the place is located

What kind of place it is

What you did there

What is special about this place.


          Step 1: Selection

A place that you know

          Step 2: Vocabulary:

  • Blown away
  • Delectable
  • Luscious
  • Dotted
  • Reclined
  • Natural splendor

Step 3: Grammar

          Use present perfect tense.

Use past continuous and past simple.

Use future tense.


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