3. Talk – Ielts Speaking TIPS


On the speaking test, speak as much as humanly possible. Talk and talk and talk. If the tester stops you, that’s ok. But what you don’t want it to say something and have a moment of pause where the tester thinks that you’re going to say something more and you don’t. Remember it’s a speaking test, so speak as much as you can.

If on the test you get a different question than the seven we’ve covered in these videos for Part 1, I want you to remember four things.

– Give a long response.

  • Answer directly
  • Explain why you choose this answer
  • Give example for it
  • Give other alternative answer by using: However, but, whereas

– Use linking phrases.

– Use complex sentence structures.

– Avoid being redundant and saying the same thing.

If you follow those four simple things, then it doesn’t matter what type of question they ask you. You can still get a really good score.

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