6. Show your range


  • Don’t repeat yourself. As much as possible on the test, try to say new things.
  • If you repeat yourself, you’re essentially telling the tester that you don’t know how to say anything else in English or you don’t know how to answer the question in English.
  • Be careful about using the same vocabulary again and again and again for different questions.
  • Remember you want to show your range. So you want to try to use different vocabulary especially different high level vocabulary for a lot of different questions.


  • Don’t use the same structure that use in the question when answering yes or no questions.
  • For example, “Do you like eating fast food?” “Yes, I like eating fast food.” That’s a poor example. You just said, ‘Yes.” And you could have even said no and then repeated what they said.
  • What you want to do is demonstrate that you can either say what they said in a different way or use a completely different sentence structure but still answer the question.

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