McArthurGlen Outlet Vancouver Airport is the luxury shopping destination. It located on YVR’s Sea Island, steps 3-minute walk from Canada Line’s Templeton Station. Also it is about 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver by Canada Line.

McArthurGlen Outlet Vancouver is one of the 24 designer outlets managed by McArthurGlen Group. It is a joint venture between McArthurGlen, and the Vancouver Airport Authority. Vancouver is the only property outside of Europe of McArthurGlen. The McArthurGlen Outlet at the Vancouver Airport has been a smashing success since it first opened in July 2015. It is about 241,000 square feet in its first phase, and the shopping destination just keeps getting better. This shopping mall continues to open new stores in the newly expanded centre solidifying it as Vancouver’s hub for designer and premier fashion. The second phase, and latest phase, has added an additional about 84,000 square feet.

Attracted shopping mall

This mall features the best European and North American luxury, premium and lifestyle brands—with year-round savings from 30% to 70%, sometimes 80%, especially in the holidays or year end.

In addition, one of the appeals of the shopping center for the consumers is the brand mix. It has brands at the top luxury end, but it also has a lot of very accessible brands, a wide appeal to many consumers.  You may spend a thousand on a pair of shoes or just $15 for something nice.

The physical architecture of the centre is also really appealing. It is a beautiful outdoor centre. You may feel like you’re walking down cobblestone streets in Europe or you are in Disneyland. The architecture is really part of the brand standard of McArthurGlen. It should be something that is out of the ordinary day to day

This mall located just 5 minutes from Vancouver International Airport, it is the perfect place to spend time for shopping before boarding your flight home or if you have a layover.You will see aircraft up and down continuously, sometimes flying right above your head. It feels like just dragging a little bit to reach the plane.